Crazy days

I can’t even remember my last post here… This week has been the most busy week since we got here, and the other ones haven’t exactly been a vacation. The last assignment was supposed to be handed in, we had to prepare lessons for the whole week and write a detailed lesson plan for the one lesson that we were being watched by our teachers.

I think I probably learnt more during the one week of TP (teaching practice) than during the previous three weeks. We learned how to use our theoretical knowledge in practice. I never knew I would love teaching as much as I did. The hard work is just worth everything when you see the children’s smile and their enthusiasm. I think I am gonna find the role as a teacher quite amazing!

P1050567Michelle in action

We also took a trip to IKEA, to eat some ( A LOT OF) swedish food. I had one plate of meatballs and one plate of salmon. And a blueberry muffin. And several glasses of lingonberry lemonade. After the delicious food (though it is better at home) we took a trip around IKEA. It was almost all the swedes, danish Theo and australian Jason. They didn’t quite understand our enthusiasm… The swedes went crazy! I almost started crying when I found some swedish books in the shelves, and I can not express my happiness when I got to the sheepskins! It must have been almost as fun watching us as it is to watch the Chinese going shopping at IKEA. They literally go there to chill out in the fake living rooms, or in the beds in the bedrooms.  Some couples cuddle up in a sofa and watch movies, and other people sleep in the beds. But hey, I don’t blame them! That’s what we did.


By the way, I have just found out which city and provins I will be teaching in, but that story deserves a post of its own.


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