Leaving Beijing

Today is the day! Our four weeks stay in Beijing has come to an end. It has been a few busy weeks, and I think I have accomplished more during these four weeks than during the passed four years. It has been filled with laughs and some tears, but I don’t regret coming here for a minute. I feel like I’ve grown a lot during these weeks.

Anyhow, today I am leaving for my placement in… Weihai! Weihai is just a little south of Beijing, and located just by the sea! I wanted to go further south, but I love the sea so that compensates it! In the summer, it is a vacation paradise!


I am going to Weihai Ivy International Preparatory School, where it seems like I am going to teach primary, middle and high school.. We’ll see what happens there. It is five people from our program who are going. Me, an austrian couple and two girls from England. I am happy to have two native english speakers with me!

We were supposed to have left the 13th, but due to some circumstances (it’s china) we are going today. Our train leaves at eight o’clock tonight. We will get there tomorrow at one. Our work will probably start monday. I’m so excited!

TTC arranged a farewell dinner the 12th, and we got our certificates for the theoretical part of the program. It was really hard to see our friends go, and not many eyes were dry. But we have already planned to meet up again some day soon.

P1050609Me getting my certificate from my head teacher, Alex. A great teacher!

Now I have to check out from my room! Next post will be from Weihai!


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