Goood afternoon! Right now I am in my new home in Weihai! We arrived yesterday at noon. Our contact person Sarah, a very sweet lady who speaks good english, met us at the train station. We filled up the little van pretty quickly with our luggage… Then we were off to the first stop, where the austrian couple Linus and Alessa were to stay. It was a HUGE apartment (chinese standards), and they got a good sized bedroom. We were told that we couldn’t all fit in this apartment, and that us three girls, me, Maura and Rosie had to live at the top of the school building. It was described as a dormitory. A bit worried, we continued to the school. We didn’t have to worry for long though. We took the elevator to the sixth floor, and the doors opened straight into our PENTHOUSE! Well, sort of like penthouse at least. We have massive windows, and a huuuuuge living room. The kitchen is in a kind of western style, which is nice and we have three bathrooms in total. Bless. The. Lord. 

The bedrooms, however, vary in both size and style. There is one bedroom with an ensuite, with a double bed. There is another one which has two bunk beds (four beds in total) and my room has four bunk beds (eight beds in total). Kind of weird… But at least we have our own space!

We found out when we left Beijing that we will not be teaching this first week, which is nice. Now we have time to settle down, and see a bit of Weihai. Wednesday we will have a demo teach for the teachers of the school. We’ll see how that goes…

Now we have to go shopping! 

ImageHallway with an awesome chandelier that can spin around to produce party light! 

ImageView from my room

ImageLiving room (please notice the elevator next to the speaker, how cool??)

ImageMy room and all my beds.

ImageBathroomsImageAnother view of the living area.



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